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Enter the Metaverse

At Fold, we developed "Enter the Metaverse," an augmented reality game, as a novel approach to engage both bitcoin experts and newcomers. I led game design and creative direction on this exciting experiment.

The game, designed as an enticing feature for Fold+ users, allowed us to strike a balance between fun and our role as a trusted financial partner. It was played thousands of times daily, serving as a unique selling point for our premium service and solidifying Fold's reputation as an innovator in the finance app space.

my role

Head of Design




Product Design
Game Design
Art Direction

We designed the game to not only entertain but also educate users about various aspects of bitcoin. The game allowed premium Fold cardholders to immerse themselves in an augmented reality where they could earn and collect bitcoin every 10 minutes — mirroring the time it takes for a bitcoin block to process.

This innovative approach brought the abstract concept of bitcoin into a tangible, interactive experience. Players could literally gather bitcoin from their surroundings, transforming the typically daunting process of acquiring cryptocurrency into an enjoyable and enlightening activity. The game thus served as both a playful educational tool and a unique reward mechanism for our users.

Designing the UX for this game presented unique challenges, particularly integrating Unity into our existing app framework. Collaboration was key, and managing relationships between multiple 3D modelers required careful coordination and clear art direction.

We focused on simplifying gameplay while still maximizing fun and tangible rewards, ensuring the game remained engaging and relevant as bitcoin prices fluctuated. This process included testing various game loops for difficulty, flexibility, and the potential addition of seasonal elements and branded promotions.

While "Enter the Metaverse" became a beloved feature among our users, offering millions of satoshis in bitcoin rewards, it eventually proved too large for our app infrastructure and was deprecated. However, this experiment provided invaluable insights into user engagement and game mechanics. The game's frequent play indicated a strong user interest in gamified financial experiences, which we employed in a variety of ways, if you'd like to learn more, check out this case study.
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