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As Head of Design at Fold, I defined the brand, product and design practice at the company.

Starting as a design team of one, I built the Fold App from prototype to the full service banking app it is today. I hired and managed a team of designers, across product, brand, and growth.

I led Fold's brand vision and strategy, fostering a design-led culture across disciplines. I collaborated with engineering to define our product development process, and with our growth team to build out a product-led growth strategy that helped us grow to half a million users and process tens of millions of dollars a day.

my role

Head of Design


2021 - 2023


Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Digital Product Design
Physical Product Design
Design Leadership
Game Design
Product-led Growth

brand strategy & visual identity

Crafting a memorable, lovable finance brand

Fold set out to be the easiest and most loved onramp to bitcoin for newcomers and bitcoin maximalists alike. We knew if we wanted people to feel comfortable getting into this new asset class, it had to feel safe and easy.

The Fold brand evolved over the years as our product found its market fit, but the vision has always remained the same: To bring financial freedom within reach of everyone, and to have fun doing it. We positioned Fold as "your funniest, smartest friend" and built a brand that felt approachable, trustworthy, playful, and honest.

I worked in creative collaboration with Illustrator Oli Lisher, to define the visual language of Fold as heavily visual and illustrative, infusing it with vibrancy and approachability.

We introduced 3D elements, brand mascot characters, and playful, bright environments that brought an energetic and relatable dimension to the world of finance and bitcoin. This stylistic evolution played a crucial role in making Fold's brand more inviting and understandable. Oli's illustrations didn't just add aesthetic value; they were instrumental in demystifying financial concepts, making bitcoin approachable and engaging to a broader audience.
physical product design

Building the first bitcoin-back debit card in America

Fold set out to become the most user-friendly gateway into bitcoin, catering to both newcomers and enthusiasts alike. Understanding the need for a safe and easy introduction to this newer asset class, we discovered through research that people are hesitant to invest in bitcoin without prior experience.

This led to the creation of the Fold Card, a visa debit card where users earn bitcoin instead of traditional rewards.

We watched the Aha! Moment happen in real time, when users earned their first bitcoin just for doing their normal shopping. The concept proved successful, converting over 50,000 paying cardholders in the first year, as they experienced the simplicity and allure of bitcoin firsthand.

digital product design

Designing a rewarding app experience

Our challenge at Fold revolved around transforming the complex and often intimidating world of bitcoin into an accessible and enjoyable experience. We delved deep into the user experience, building out in the open and with our users, ensuring that every interaction with the app wasn't just functional but also engaging. We employed a MLP (minimum lovable product) perspective, which ensured key functionalities were designed to be not only seamless and user-friendly, but lovable and memorable.

The moments between

We embraced Hayao Miyazaki's concept of "ma," or the subtle art of breathing life into the moments between. Creating thoughtful pauses that enrich user engagement.

Game Design & product-led growth

The serious business of making things fun

Fold's design team looks to games as a primary source of inspiration. We believe that games are powerful tools for change and if deployed correctly can guide people towards a healthier and more enjoyable relationship with their personal finances.

The Spin Wheel started as a growth experiment, and ended up becoming the backbone of the Fold experience and integral to Fold's product-led growth.

Users earn spins through a variety of behaviors: using their Fold card, buying bitcoin, shopping at certain brands or stores or even just opening the app every day. They can then win bitcoin or other rewards on the spin wheel.

The Spin Wheel is spun over 300,000 times a day, and is a significant driver of revenue and new user growth. It also introduced new revenue streams, allowing opportunities for brands to "sponsor" the wheel, and IRL event opportunities, where we bring the Spin Wheel on the road.
Enter the Metaverse

We love games so much, We even designed & built a whole bitcoin themed Augmented Reality game.

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